ICTs transforming agricultural Science, Research and Technology Generation

The AgriNation Tech Transfer & Sustainability Initiative was developed as a joint call to action for responding to the global challenges faced by the agricultural students, agricultural professionals, progressive farmers and grass-roots level agricultural extension system in access to relevant information.

The initiative was concieved under the far sighted vision of Anant Dhillon & Mandeep Pujara, agricultural consultants from developing economies. They are assisted by a core advisory team comprising of agricultural, agribusiness, rural management and allied agricultural professionals. The initiative was started in 2009 with dissemination of information and agri-based news and info presentation on web media.

According to the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) Director General Jacques Diouf “The world needs to devote $44 billion a year to achieve worldwide food security and end hunger”. The investments that support small-holder farmers, who make up about one-third of the global population are the most effective way to permanently combat global hunger.

At Agrination our focus is to help develop low-cost technology and aim for our programs, projects and activities to feed into the realization of the 6 principles of the Sustainable Farming and we encourage others from various fields to join as supporters of AgriNation Alliance for strengthening our approach and collaborative potential. Together, these supporters currently represent the world’s farmers, the world’s agricultural & food scientists, and the private sector.

“AgriNation” calls for a broad-based, knowledge-centered approach to increase agricultural output in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. The platform is focused on helping subsistence farmers, agricultural extension workers and allied professionals in knowledge sharing and dissemination by the use of new media including internet, smartphones as well as older media dissemination techniques such as documentaries and CD’s & DVD’s.

Our action focus areas:

  1. Sharing knowledge
  2. Building local access and capacity
  3. Enabling access to expert information
  4. Prioritizing research & extension imperatives

The initiative is an opportunity to raise awareness of the collective contributions of some of the most important agricultural and rural stakeholders: namely, farmers and extension workers.

For info and comments send us an email at infoasr@gmail.com