Training Courseware

Our approach builds the capacity of frontline workers
so they can build the capacity of others.

Our Approach

Our approach builds the capacity of frontline workers so they can build the capacity of others. With online and offline components, our digital training curriculum combines practical instructional videos that guide trainers and a mobile training app that assesses the mastery level of frontline workers.

Ensuring quality as we scale

Just as video has proven effective in reaching rural farmers, it allows Digital Green to efficiently scale our efforts to train frontline workers. Our video based training courseware allows us to maintain quality standards as we scale, making it a strong mechanism to provide effective trainings.

Using a mobile app to test knowledge

To ensure the frontline workers we train have acquired the knowledge and understanding they need to train others, we developed a mobile app. The app tests frontline workers’ understanding of what they’ve learned through the training videos, ensuring they’re ready to pass that knowledge on to farmers.

Using data for continuous improvement

As with everything we do, we collect data at all touchpoints. That data flows into our Training Analytics dashboard, where we use the information to assess what’s working – and to improve what’s not working. Learn more about our Training Dashboard below, or view it for yourself here.

Case Studies Stories from the field.

No matter what we do, we learn from it. See where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and what we learned – as well as how we’ve used those learnings to improve our work at scale.

Reaping the Benefits of New Knowledge from all over the world.

Together with our grassroots partners, we create digital solutions for rural communities around the world. Great ambitions, whether projects or specific objectives, can only be achieved together and for the common interest